Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Of Chubby 41kg Me

I've been telling almost everyone that I gain some kilos & I need to shed these extra fats as soon as possible. Some honest friends were even so baik hati & told me that my face is more bulat this semester

Nightmareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :O

On the other hand, my firmmates think that I'm such a drama queen. Maunye tak, kata nak diet bagai, tapi every time lunch or dinner secara berjemaah bersama classsmates, mata mek terus bersinar-sinar teruja. And when the pressure is too much for my stomach to bear, or I'm sleepy or bekalan makanan yang tersimpan sudah susut {I sound like a beaver, I think}, I love to jalan-jalan to MyMydin Mart downstairs at the Faculty. Food always makes me happy & greedy! WoohoO!

Anyway, a few days ago I braced myself & stepped onto the weighing scale in my Parents' room, expecting to see some scary numbers that would me go insaf {for a few days}. But surprise surprise yet no surprise at all that I'm still ... 41 kg -.-' 

Oleh kerana mukadimah ialah berkaitan makanan, isi kandungan & penutup haruslah food-related juga

Had lunch at KB Mall food court yesterday evening just because Ma wanted Ais Batu Campur
I ordered her Laksa Penang which was pedas tapi kuah kurang pekat, jadi kurang umphhh. Maka 3/5

My kuew teow kungfu. Lauk tak banyak, maka tak banyak bintang yang diberikan. 3.5/5

The must-visit section

Makanan kegemaran adik-adik berbulu kesayangan di rumah They would lick the plate sampai licinnn, Mama happy selaluhhh. Adding water does wonders, you know?

What's your cat(s)' favourite food? Mind to share? :)


Syazwan Che Deraman said...

g KB Mall tak ajak..

Alaaa, 41, kurusnya..


soleil m said...

meh meh kita buat gathering ramai-ramai meh! :D

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