Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'Me Prayers Have Been Answeredddd!!'

My Sister showed me this video of 'Sesame Street 40 Year Anniversary with Cake Boss' last night & it has made me go :D until now. Gotta love Cookie Monster more!

Check out Cookie Monster's expression between 1:26 to 1:33! Priceless! :))

"It's cute, it's cuddly, it's blue... It's Cookie!"

"Why you wearing this white shirt?"
"I'm a baker"
"...You what?"
"I make cookies for a living"
"Me prayers have been answeredddd!!"

"Where's Cookie?"
"Me here. Me trying to content meself"

Abah saw me watching this video just now. His response was, "Sue tengok karton? *nada terkejut*" Yes, Abah. I stay up late till early morning watching this sort of things, playing The Sims 3 is included too

A few days ago, Ma asked me how I got my nickname 'Cookie' because obviously my real name has got nothing to do with it. Suria/Matahari & Cookie/Biskut = no connection at all. Not even sipi-sipi. Meanwhile Soleil or Sun in french is actually a nickname given by my French monsieur when I was 13

And do you know that she promoted my blog & facebook to her friends & 'Cookie' is the keyword? So malu please? Haih!

All this while I've been telling people that I'm pure a Kelantase inside out tapi nama panggilan langsung tidak mencerminkan asal usul *blush* I need a nickname. Mek Bungo mungkin?

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