Sunday, 8 April 2012

To The Greatest Man In My Life

I was flipping through my mini note book {which I took from Abah's mini office & where I had my skirt business transaction kept. Sounds like a towkey already. Lol!} when I came across this at its back cover;

Oh nooooooo! I missed Abah's birthday! I thought it's 10 April! How come I became so forgetful walhal everyday kot mek call ibu bapa di kampung? I shall blame these mean flu bugs for this T_T

Read Abah's birthday post that I posted last year here

 I hope Mr Postman would do his job as efficiently as he could & Abah would get his birthday card today. Amin... I had wished him through hp but being sentimental me, my family & close friends' birthdays won't be complete without a card, no matter how jambu it is

Like this one!

Hopefully, Abah will like his birthday card, despite its gegurl look. Hehe!

To Abah, the greatest man in my life,

Happy belated 65th birthday!! I'm sorry that I missed your birthday this year but it doesn't mean that you aren't in my thoughts in {almost} anything I do. I pray for your happiness, health, murah rezeki etc & only Allah knows how much I treasure you. You never got tired praying for me days & nights & offers me some words of wisdom when I'm at the lowest point of my life i.e tatkala final exam datang menjelma & for that, I shall never thank you enough

I've been missing you heaps {and those political talks we often had in the car} & I love you to the moon & back! 20hb ni Sue balik & let's go makan-makan. Kakak cakap dia nak belanja & I may choose any place I want. So, let's go to chim chum alright? :D

Yang benar,
Sue, anak bongsu yang awesome

Abah checking out Kakak's Bb. Kalau beliau check hp mek, boleh pengsan mungkin tengok lagu-lagu lara repeatedly played on playlist :))

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