Tuesday, 1 May 2012

2:55 AM

I've to read 19 pages of a Mareva Injunction case {Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd & Anor v Lorrain Osman & Ors} & a Letter of Demand to be submitted to my Senior Partner, Yana before Tuesday but why oh why am I still wide awake at this hour?

Oh, I know! I shall blame How I Met Your Mother for this delay to LalaLand! Pftttt!

I really need to sleep now. I know I just have to. And looking at my own image in the mirror lately always reminds me how good law school at making me look older & pimple-more. Aging comes with maturity & wise, doesn't it? I hope so. InsyaAllah :)

On a random note, how I wish Dayah doesn't have anything to do tomorrow so that we could go jalan-jalan together. I know I've more important stuff to do beside jalan-jalan but once in a while, I want to be normal too you know? Sigh!

2004; the year where everything was still clueless. And still it is, matter of factlly

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