Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What Happened Last Monday

I'm borrowing my Sister's camera. So, yes. Please bear with posts with some / a lot of pictures uploaded in the future. Hewhewhew!

1. Murtabak From Johor Bahru With Love
My firm mate, Eja brought a martabak from her hometown to be shared with the other classmates. It was only one piece of martabak but the love shared was undeniably adorable :') And we ate like a school of {black & white} hungry piranhas! Aummm!

Juwe setia menunggu :))

2. Advanced Criminal Procedure II class
It was the second class of the day & we were still so much surrounded with holiday bugs, maka tiada mood. These pictures were taken during 10 min break btw

3. Lunch break. WoohOo!
People who don't love lunch break are probably ... well, I don't know what to say because we loveeee it! The most perfect time to jalan-jalan cari makan, finish off any pending work & bersosial

Btw, the speck guy's name is Cheqa. And he's everywhere in the class literally i.e can't duduk diam still. He also likes to bully, nobody can escape. Pfttt!

4. Dinner With Kelantanese Single Ladies {Minus Khazan. Hehe!}
Went to this one restaurant at Section 7 named Restoren Abe. It didn't come to me that it's a Kelantanese restaurant until I finished making my order. And all the classmates that were with me that night are Kelantanese except Hafsah who was born in Kelantan & have Kelantanese parents but has spent all her life living in Johor Bharu. And she also can't kecek Kelate

Should do this more often. Ambik gambar secara random adalah lebih meaningful & seronok nampaknya
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