Friday, 4 May 2012

Our Senior Partner Can Bake!

Had yummy delicious red velvet cake hasil air tangan oleh Senior Partner kami, Yana last Wednesday. Oh my, it was so delicious that our love towards Yana had grown more more & more in every bite we had

*blows lots of flying kisses to Yana*

She learned it from youtube, she said. Yes yes. The perfect epitome of kecik-kecik cili padi, she can kahwin already!

She refused to look at the camera. Malu katanya -.-'

Wakil dari Firm 2 sedang menunggu hasil agihan

Yana masih tunduk malu & Juwe menyibuk only

One happy customer!

Aummm! And yes, Yana masih tunduk malu

Dear our awesome Senior Partner, Yana,
Tqvm for always feeding us with your awesome cakes {carrot cake + red velvet cake = the boom!} that I think you can stop reading law & start taking cake orders for raya. Kidding kidding! :P But please, bake moreeeeee!

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