Thursday, 24 May 2012

Me, The Bridesmaid Tak Jadi

Another friend is going to {literally} wear that 'I'm married! Sorry guys!' sachet this weekend

It's been a highlight of the month. So, my plans are;

1) Menumpang kasih at my friend's room, Sya in USM for a few days 
2) Muster every ounce of my confidence to tell my parents that their anak bongsu is asking their permission to travel alone to Penang {I gave Ma some hints but she didn't buy them} despite the chicken-me
3) The theme is pink, so a pair of pink baju kurung is already in my luggage di bawah katil. Excited much!

And having myself being surrounded by people from H5P4, Penang Matriculation College whom I've been missing heaps surely is one of the highlights too! And kemudian can jalan-jalan cari makan & pusing Penang, oh maiiiii, I've been yearning for that kind of outing for ages! Imagine this per se has made me feel 5 years younger!

Hayat 5, Practikum 4 before Farid left us for Intec & Uya for UTP
So comot semua orang. Post SPM, don't judge please? LOL!
And Feera is the first one from right yang duduk

But I guess, I won't be able to be one of Feera's bridemaids as I've a Family Law on Saturday morning & Advanced Criminal Procedure 11 test on Sunday. And traveling to Penang isn't like going to Kompleks PKNS with Seranas Bus. Pay 70 sen & you'll find yourself standing in front of the Kompleks 5 minutes later

I wish Penang is just a 5-minute bus ride away!! :((((((((((((((((

To Feera,
I'm so sorry that I couldn't be at your weeding this Friday. Nak pergi teramat sangat that I still don't have the guts yet to click that 'Not attending button' because who knows, ada rezeki to go walaupun the chances are so slim. I know I've been telling you many times before but believe me, you're going to be one of the prettiest brides Penang ever produced! Yayyyyyy! Stay calm & don't gelabah, alright? Give everyone the best smiles {or grins since I know that braces had gone for good. Nyahaha!} you can although it might hurt your jaw but don't worry because you're going to smile a lot later nanti bila dah jadi Puan :P Nanti jangan lambat-lambat upload gambar kat facebook like you did with your engagement photos. I'm one greedy monster, you should have known that

I pray for you happiness with your Mr S & may this be a beginning for your second-tier life. He's so lucky for having you {well, I believe all guys are/will be lucky to have us as wife. ROTFL! *kenyit mata at Rizz Fariza*} because I know you're one loyal & loveable person. Alhamdulillah

Again, happy Puan-to-be! I wish you know how much I want to be there. So much, it hurt & I actually cried yesterday. Sweet & sappy much :') And stay the old cheerful pretty bubbly Ferrari even after you have that Puan title. Marriage can change people, so I heard but hopefully, you're among the exceptions

Hugs & kisses from Cookie to Ferrari Vroom Vroom! I love you, Cik Feerari!

Taken from her FB during her engagement a few months ago. So calmly cantik :')
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