Friday, 25 May 2012

If You Want To Succeed, You Cannot Be Malas Anymore

Assalamualaikum & salam saiyyidul ayyam people! How are you feeling today? :)

A Family Law test tomorrow morning at 10 a.m & then holidays, come to Mama quickkkk! Though I'll only leave S.Alam on Sunday night due to reschedule of Advanced Criminal Procedure II test 2 {which is supposed to be on 4th June, then 27th May, then back to 4th June} but still, I love holidays! Yayyy!

Btw, have you met this ikan? It can talk, laugh, walk, run & grin. Specially good at sleeping, no doubt. And a very serious one sometimes. And oh, it also has a set of bulky eyes too! So rare ayte?

Ikan bantal

I really need to study now. It's cliched, I know. But motivation, where art thou? Why mek so malas? Why why why whyyyy mek? T_T

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