Sunday, 27 May 2012

Slowing Down {A Bit}

I remember being someone who had so much enthusiasm in blogging to the extent of staying up till early morning just for the sake of feeding this space with new posts. What a semangat blogger I used to be, although my blog is not even close on par with famous blogs out there

But it's a commitment that I'm not so into lately due to the crazy workloads coming in one after another. I'll be having my final final exam {InsyaAllah} in about a month yet things haven't slowed down a bit. 3 semesters of pre degree law + 3 years of first law degree + 1 hectic year of second law degree; I should have read medic instead, don't you think? Unfortunately, I like reading thick law text books which have no colourful picture or illustration, at all. Well, maybe there are some mind maps but that's another story

Anyhow, UiTM is now in a week break due to Hari Gawai & I'll be heading to my hometown tonight but looking at this list of kerja sekolah gives me a mild headache. Or perhaps because of those long hours of sleeps I've had since Friday? My brain doesn't seem to get used to it, I assume? *yawns*

Cuti means cuti but I know I'm so going to kill myself if I take this cuti as cuti. So, this is what I did as reminder this cuti isn't going to be like another cuti for me

To all UiTM people, happy holiday! :)


Syazwan Che Deraman said...

mak aihh.
penuh aktiviti dia.

tak pa.
macam tu la pelajar kan.

NIZAM said...

tetiba rindu nak hadap test assignment tu smue.(-__-)

I wanna back to school!



laaaaa... sejak graduate dh tak tau menahu dh pasal cuti UiTM... hehehe... kadang2 rindu gak masa zaman belajar kat UiTM Shah Alam..

embrace everything while you can.. you'll miss these nonsense once you're done...then there's another chapter call "Occupation" and subsequently followed by "Marriage"....

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