Thursday, 31 May 2012

No. 3

When I arrived home last Monday, among the first things that I did were;

1)changed the bed sheet
2)changed my clothes to something wayyyy more comfortable i.e the house uniform
3)switched on the wifi modem

But no. 3 has made me sad though. Why? Because internet hasn't been around for almost 2 weeks already. Pffttt! Can you imagine the frustration I feel? The anger & geramness? Oh man, I wonder when would that pencuri-pencuri kabel insaf? T_T

Anyway, I'm currently at my Sister's office, using the wifi like a boss

 They will be having a meeting in a few minutes. So, partayyy timeee! :))

Apa-apa pun, how are you, people? Ada bagus? Saya di sini tiada bagus. Tiada bagus kerana saya menghabiskan cuti saya dengan memikirkan tentang kerja-kerja sekolah & ujian yang bakal saya tempoh isnin ini. Hidup tidak selalunya indah, itu adalah realiti kehidupan. Maka, marilah berandom {edisi gambar}

The night before Family Law test last Saturday. I should have a degree in Last-minute study Studies

My attempt to be creative. Failed big time, obviously

Because colours always make me happy :)

A key-chain from a friend, Diyana. Merci beaucoup!

I thought having a pencil case like this would make me become more/look feminine. My theory hasn't been proven otherwise either. So, yeah *whistles*

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