Monday, 7 May 2012

Mydin vs Maiden

My classmate, Anas wore a black Iron Man t-shirt to the office yesterday evening. It didn't come to me that it was the image of Iron Man printed on the t-shirt until it was pointed out by a few friends. The only word that I saw was 'Iron', so I thought it was an Iron Maiden t-shirt

But I was so naive

Instead of pronouncing it 'Maiden' {me-den}, I pronounced it Mydin -.-'

Saya: Cookie ingatkan Anas pakai baju Iron Mydin
Yana: Iron Mydin? Eh?
Anas: Bukan ke Iron Maiden?
Saya: Eh? Maiden eh pronouncenya? Bukan Mydin?
Anas: Yang rock group tu kan? Iron Maiden la. Hahahaha!
Saya: *terjun bangunan*

This is Iron Man

This is Iron Maiden

So folks, please get your pronouncement right sebelum memalukan diri sendiri. Sekian, terima kasih.
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