Monday, 7 May 2012

This Is A Congratulatory Post

Honestly, I'm getting malas to update this blog. As usual, works are piling up & it will usually take me more than 15 minutes to get a post published. Talk about re-editing over & over again

Anyway, this post has been in the draft since last week but there were always things on my way contributing to the delay. oh well, as if I'm as famous as a celebrity blogger la kan orang dok tunggu new post :P

Too much of mukadimah. Do I even need to justify this, ab initio? Ok, straight to the point

1. Ummu bertunang sudah!
My ex-roommate, Ummu got hitched Sunday last week after like 7 or probably 8 years of relationship with her sweetheart, Nizam. Tapi Ummu secretive la kununnya & I only knew it only after a few days. Talk about bertunang senyap-senyap walhal saya lah berjuta-juta kali dok tanya bila mereka ingin bertunang! Pfttt!

Anyway Yang, I'm so happy for you :') I pray may you & Nizam have a happy & blessed marriage life, alright? My doas are always with you two, Amin & InsyaAllah

And please don't forget to invite me for your wedding if you don't want a girl petite crushes your wedding nanti. You know how ganas I can be sometimes. Meoww!

Bumped into her at the foyer, terus tarik ambik gambar bersama-sama
Gambar pertunangan beliau di Fb tak sempat nak stalk

2. Dr Amin's Graduation Day at University Of Auckland

Did you ever have the feeling of seeing your old friend {of 10 years} succeeds & becoming someone significant in the society which is in his case, a doctor

I remember meeting him for the first {and also the last time I may add} at Hari Kecemerlangan SBP Zon Timur in 2002 & he was such a shy guy but now look at him! Proudly walking around the wards with stethoscope hanging around the neck & become a hero to sick & unwell people

Congratulations on your graduation, Amin! All those sleepless nights & tiring hours spent in the classes & hospitals officially paid you off, finally. Cepat-cepat balik Malaysia, supaya dapat berkhidmat untuk nusa & bangsa pula

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