Thursday, 7 June 2012

Berandom Bersama Gambar

I'm known among my family & friends as a girl who carries her digicam {or in my recent case, Sister's} almost everywhere I go. I love taking pictures but always find difficulty to strike the most decent & presentable-looking pose. Should I blame these 2 chubby cheeks of mine?-.-'

Anyway, these are a few not so random pictures that I took recently

1. 15.5.2012 - Syairah's birthday
This is almost 3 weeks late, but happy belated birthday, Syairah Now kita sudah sekufu. WoohoO!

From L to R; yours truly, Syairah, Elia & Ezzah

2. 20.5.2012 - Dinner at BigTaste, Sect 7 Shah Alam
Makan-makan with the firmmates {minus Kokmie & Ezzah} after finishing our work on Sunday

3. 22.5.2012 - The night before submitting Ethics Pupillage File
Finished mine early but had to stay back till 2 a.m kerana ingin menumpang kasih menumpang kereta classmate. So, a free girl got to do what a free girl should do yakni pusing-pusing tengok orang, amik gambar & kemudiannya tidur

4. 23.5.2012 - Civil Trial & Advocacy class
The Anton Pillar inter-parte application between Firm 2 & 3. Maka, Firm 1 & 4 which had the Mareva Injunction inter parte application the day before hanyalah goyang kaki & studied for the Civil test the next day

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