Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Good Bye Norkiah

Had the second Advanced Criminal Procedure II test yesterday morning. It was a 3 hour paper, a long problematic question that carried 200 marks & the best part was, the air conditioners were dysfunctional throughout that 3 hours

I was so close to being a roasted chicken! -.-'

Anyway, right before the exam, I was quite gelabah because people, we're talking about the most killer subject of LL.B. And disebabkan kegelabahan itu, sebuah handphone menjadi korban

Silap focus. Nak tunjuk air yang bertakung di screen sebenarnya

I incidentally wet my handbag with a bottle of mineral water. And  because I was so busy fighting at the erudite battle between me, papers, pens & 8 pages of question paper, I could only save my drowning handphone after the test. Well, you can narrate the rest of the story, I guess

So, it's been day 2 since I've become handphone-less. Have to skip my almost daily routine of calling my parents. But one thing that I surely don't miss is that frequent text msg I often received from Celcom & Facebook. Tenang sebentar jiwaku

What's the cheapest handphone in the market btw? Naluri keibuan mek menyatakan handphone itu sudah tidak dapat diselamatkan lagi. Good bye my 2 year-old Norkiah. Tsk!

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