Thursday, 28 June 2012

I'm A Nomad

I'm kind of miss my table in the classroom. Tsk!

When it comes to choosing a perfect place to study, I'm a nomad. I can't stick to one place for long because it makes me feel sleepy & bored. I don't like studying in an air-conditioned room, I want fresh air with angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, with green view preferably. I don't mind having many people around but not too crowded & too bising of course. So far, the closest I could get is Surau Kolej Melati. Sungguh nyaman :)

Btw, this is my studying spot last semester, other than di atas tangga hujung blok menghadap I-City

Oh Allah! I really don't know how I survived studying on this empuk bed!
But thank you very much Syairah for being such an inspiring roommate!

Almost 8:45 pm & I haven't mandi yet! Internet sungguh melarakan -.-' 

Btw, would you please do me a favour? Would you please doakan semoga mek berjaya dalam peperiksaan ini? I really need that a lot & thank you very much in advance for your kindness. Suria loves you! Assalamualaikum & take care!

1 comment:

cik wan said...

gud luck in your exam...i knew study in law is quite tough...coz saya pun penah belajar sikit...tu pun dah pening..

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