Sunday, 1 July 2012

Daging Kambing Overloaded

Feeling feverish since a few days ago; headache, sore throat, cough etc. Exam bugs are mean. Me no likey :(

At first, I thought it was an aftermath after eating a lot of daging kambing at Seoul Garden on Friday last week with the classmates. Well, the headache did actually last for 2 days though. Talk about a weak body I have here. Tsk!

Or maybe, that's another hint that I really need to pamper my taste buds with more daging kambing after this, instead of chicken, chicken, chicken & prawns. A baby step to eating healthy. Tapi healthy ke kalau makan daging kambing sokmo?

Anyway, here are some pictures during makan-makan

At Setia City Mall, Setia Alam
Didn't have much time to jalan-jalan around this new mall. Makan time, cannot tahan

Once in a while I need to capub too, you know? :')

Some of the classmates are missing. Khusyuk makan barangkali

This is going to take me at least an hour to finish editing this post. Another example of bad time management as I've a paper tomorrow evening & I honestly, haven't studied anything. Kata Bahasa Melayu for Law II paper, maka tahap gelabah adalah di bawah paras normal. For the time being, my Evidence notes need me & I do need them too. We're in a relationship. Aren't we sweet?

Akhir kalam, would you please pray for me, people? Tqvm! And all the best to anyone who's having exam too. Marilah menuju ke arah kejayaan. Amin..

Now, allow me to adjourn myself & continue rambling whenever I've free time


fadzioriq said...

owh situ pun ade kambing gak ek? ok naicee~

soleil m said...

i heard malam je ade. tak sure pulak. but marinated kambing dia sedap la. that's why la makan x hengat tuuuu

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