Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Of The Last Monday

It's the last week of LL.B (Hons). I know it's cliche but oh Allah, I can't believe how fast time has flied. Despite my constant laments of how hectic LL.B has been to us, it's really a fun professional course I tell. Minus the continuous assessment, workloads, presentation etc of course

I'm so going to miss these bunch of happy penguins & dear lecturers too :)

Btw, had 2 last classes yesterday; Advanced Criminal Procedure II & Family Law

Advanced Criminal Procedure II lecture with Puan Habibah K

Amidst her long farewell speech;

Puan: I believe in each of you. Everybody has their own potential & sky is not the limit. Syeikh Muzaffar has been there *long pause* Even Ayah Pin is also there now
Class: Lol!

It was a fun last class but saying good bye isn't always easy, ayte? Tqvm for teaching us with such a great patient for 2 semesters. I love & enjoy learning ACP & hopefully it's not one-sided love anymore. Amin.. Tsk!

We also had the last class of Family Law in the evening, with Puan Syuhaeda A. Beliau sunggu sporting & kelas beliau tiada tekanan :D

Firm 1: Nadiah Liyana & Co
Kokmie was absent due to family matters

Firm 2: Izwan & Partners

Firm 3: Akmal & Associates
Cheqa was absent. Penat attend kursus kahwin barangkali masa weekend. Lol!

Firm 4: Fatin & Associates
The cutest group photo, no doubt!

Last week tapi kerja masih banyak. Haih!

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