Monday, 18 June 2012

Of Abah's Day

Assalamualaikum & Happy {belated} Father's Day to all gentlemen with kid(s) around the world! We love you every single day of course, Father's Day is just another reason to be lovey dovey & mushy mushy. Hehe!

Unlike last Mother's Day where I had given Ma a card & a personal letter {What to do. I'm traditional that way. Lol!}, Father's Day tak sempat nak beli kad & any present pun. Hanya mampu wish through hp sahaja malam tadi;

Saya: Selamat Hari Bapa, Abah! Hehe!
Abah: Thank you very much! Nak bagi hadiah apa ni?
Saya: Alamak! Tak ada hadiah!
Abah: Hadiah la doa untuk الصحة
Saya: Biskut?
Abah: الصحة
Saya: Apa tu?
Abah: Kesihatan. Sihat tubuh badan
Saya: Oh, sihat dalam bahasa arab ek? -.-'

Anyway, to Abah, Al-Fadhil Hj Muhammad bin Dollah, 

Happy {belated} Abah's Day, once again. Thank you very much for all the things you've done to us all these years. Your deeds are beyond words & money can pay. I pray may Allah grant you & Ma the best health & happiness in this world. Amin..

And tqvm for still treating me like 10-year old Sue. Especially that daily routine of knocking my bedroom door in the morning asking me what I want for breakfast, 'nak nasi ayam or nasi kerabu' during holidays or 'Nak Mc Donald's ke?' when we passed Mcd Wakaf Che Yeh & that political talks we often had in the car. And tqvm for believing in me in everything I do, including that I still have ample time to qadha my puasa when Ma dah start pokpekpokpek dah. Hahaha!

Sue, the Bongsu
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