Sunday, 17 June 2012

Of My Furry Kids

Boboy resting on my lap, merenung masa depan
Or probably thinking what he's going to have for lunch
Atau mungkin juga ' I wonder why I shoooo cute? Does it run in the family this undefeated charm of moi?' 

I know this is bothering you but to satisfy your curiosity, the answer is yes, yes. Our cats do speak English & French *inside jokes with the Sister*. Lol!

I miss having my cats & kittens resting/sleeping/playing on my laps. I feel loved & this is, ladies & gentlemen another epitome of unconditional love which has existed for centuries. Maybe ade la condition sikit la sebab cats are always-hungry furry masters, almost all the time. Bila lapar, mereka akan datang sondol-sondol but can't blame them though. They do need energy too to play tags, kejar kaki, panjat-panjat & sepahkan the house

And their cute innocent face, button nose & soft paws! Oh Tuhan, cuteness beyond any reasonable doubt that you don't even need any standard of proof to prove that!

I miss my furry kids home. Be good, kiddos. Nanti Mama balik K.Bharu July nanti & buat head counting, make sure cukup 4 semua ye? Stay away from road & any mean male cats juga. Mama love you :') *gomoi-gomoi*

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