Saturday, 16 June 2012

Of A Friend Named Bie

I just finished my Asar prayer at Surau Kolej Melati when I saw someone who looked very familiar, sitting at one corner of the surau. Feeling hesitate to approach her & say hi for 2 reasons; first, I'm afraid that it would be another pelanduk dua serupa case and second, I can't remember her name!

My memory is getting rusty. Banyak makan benda manis kot lately? T_T

After standing there, staring at her for about almost half a minute, pandangan mata kami akhirnya bertaut. One thing led to another, we finally spent almost half an hour updating each other's stories. And after like 10 minutes later, barulah mek tahu & ingat nama dia. MasyaAllah, what a bad friend I was :( Walhal masa kat Matrik Penang dulu, Bie was one of my close friends although we were from different stream; she took Physics while I took Biology {and I hated Chemistry. Tqvm}

During one of Astronomy Club meetings where I was the Secretary & Bie was one of the AJKs too

Btw, KMPP Astronomy Club is so cool, I tell you! We even went to this one private Balai Cerap Mini owned by a professor from USM at his house di atas sebuah bukit & had a bbq there. Stayed up sampai pukul berapa ntah, gigih nak tengok bintang tapi mek tumpas half way. High on bbq meat barangkali -.-'

I can't remember why we were so happy but definitely having our picture taken di bawah sinar terik matahari isn't a good idea

Both Bie & I are in our final year, with me far diverted from what I learned in Matric. At least, Bie stick jugaklah kan? Hehehe! Maka, kebarangkalian untuk stumble upon seperti ini pada masa hadapan adalah sangat rendah. Sebagai tanda kenang-kenangan, sesi bergambar harus tidak dilepaskan begitu sahaja

Us, now

Bie said, engineering is something she doesn't want to end up with for the rest of her life. Beliau cakap nak jadi cikgu. Cikgu Bie. Auww, cute :') All the best for your future undertaking Bie. And InsyaAllah, jika panjang umur kita jumpa lagi & I promise, I won't forget your name anymore. Hehe! ♥ 
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