Friday, 15 June 2012

Of Ugly Thursday

Received a few comments from my classmates that I looked quite tired yesterday. My firm mate, Juwe even went overboard; he said that I look ugly

Although, he quickly justified later that what he meant is that I look more exhausted than ever, still people, ugly & exhausted are 2 very distinct words

Should I feel lucky for having such a blatantly honest friend? T_T

Ugly, yes? *cries*

Well, it was indeed just another crazy tiring day. I think I've had given enough evidence on how hectic our life has been & I'm pretty sure you too are getting bored with all that laments. So, let's skip that part

Btw, these are a few pictures taken yesterday, in front of the Moot Court before the CTA trial between Firm 2 & Firm 4. It was on Hire Purchase Agreement case; the purchase of a lorry, accident, Puspakom etc

Juwe, Cheqa & Anas

Cheqa was so menyibuk at the back

Half of Firm 2; Izwan & Partners

Ezzah & Eja are extremely tall here :P

Sick Fareez Shah. Get well quick!

Fiqah, the court interpreter

Cheqa menyibuk again & Kokmie tersipu-sipu malu. Hehe!

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