Saturday, 23 June 2012

Of The Final Week

Last Friday was the final day of LL.B (Hons) Part 2. We were lucky that we only had 2 classes on that day; one in the morning with Mr Sri Rama & another one in the evening with Pn Farah. Maka di tengah-tengah masa free itu was filled with some photography sessions with the firmmates, classmates & batchmates

I've never been photographed that much in my entire life, except during my Sister's wedding a few years ago. Putting fake smiles isn't easy. How do models do that, I wonder?

Anyway, here are some pictures

I'm so going to miss this place & the people who have made it merrier :')

 Fruit tarts from our Advanced Criminal Procedure II tutor. Merci Miss! :D

With our Evidence Law II tutor, Mr Umar. Aren't we cute? Hehe!

20.6.2012 - Last class of Civil Trial & Advocay with Puan Faridah
Gambar yang terakhir itu di ambil dari Fb Shai. Terima kasihhh!

Ummu was so sweet. She came to my class to say hi. I'm so going to miss this sotong girl :')
I love you, yang

Shaf & Nala, with my test pad. Kecomelan mereka tidak terperi

Sesi permberian hadiah barang-barang dapur dari Senior Partner kami.
I don't know what made her choose cooking utensils out of many many many things though. Cute nonetheless! Hihi!

22.6.2012 - During the LL.B Part 2 photography session

Sungguh seronok mek bersantai & bersuka ria, walhal ada 2 assignments masih berbaki untuk di hantar Isnin ini T_T

To be continued when I'm rajin

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