Monday, 25 June 2012

Of The Final Assignment

Despite just had 2 hours of sleep this morning, I'm all hyped & energetic! *jumps like a happy bunny* Although, more or less, I think I do like the fourth generation of zombie. You know, with a set of red swollen eyes the size of tennis ball minus cranky

All because of this, the final assignment as a LL.B (Hons) Part 2 student! Alhamdulillah & woohoO!

I pray may this 11 pages of advice letter which carries a burden of 40% marks won't disappoint me sebab bila tengok orang lain punya, mesti rasa inferior. Awat law & application mek macam tak cukup jah? T_T

Merasa juga mek jadi senior partner, finally. Fuh!

And my signature, can't it be more hideous than that?

Yes yes, gorgeous eyes. I know T_T

It's study week, so no more formal black & white attires!
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