Thursday, 26 July 2012

Before & After Project #5

Received an e-mail from my blogger friend, Azlina Nana last month, asking me if I can revamp her blog

Of course cannnn! :D

After all, I definitely have nothing productive to do at home. So, might as well do something that can make my brain work other than Facebook-ing, playing The Sims 3, napping {never had enough *coughs*}, watching Korean dramas, looking after my cats, blog-walking etc. Tak sangka ada lagi orang nak interested with my Before + After Project. Tqvm for the support, people!

Na wanted something vintage & of a combination of Tiffany blue, pink & white. Honestly, it wasn't easy. Pink & white aren't alien colours to me {Hello! Big fan here! *waves*} but to blend all the three colours into one blog, that was quite challenging. It took me about 1 day to complete revamping it but I enjoyed it nonetheless :)
The first header that I made but working with Tiffany Blue wasn't easy. Pink loves me more

So, I peeled off my creative orange {sedapnyo laaaa minung Peel Fresh panah-panah ni} & searched for some pink chairs/sofas from Google images. Found a lot of cute pictures but this one, undoubtedly, I fell in love with it for some oblivious reasons. Bimbo much? Tapi pink sofa ni jatuh bawah kategori vintage ke? -.-'

The trickiest part, as usual was to find a suitable background that suits the header. I wanted something dark, say black but black & white polka dots are too common kan?

Btw, these are before & after pictures of Na's blog & honestly, I didn't do much changes except for the header & background. Limited editing tools, people & I'm no pro either. I was only armed with Picasa & Paint, since Picnik dah tutup kedai. Adobe Photoshop memang sudah lama mek tinggalkan



It's quite simple, I know but look at that pink sofa. Doesn't it make its own statement, like res ipsa loquitur? Ke mek je yang syok sendirian? Hehe! Btw, its background hasn't been finalized yet. Thus, any idea is greatly welcome :)


yanaSham said...

kie, tlg watkan gak leh :)

soleil m said...

boleh, insyaAllah ;)
nnt bagi la e-mail eh, include nk theme & colour ape, header/banner nk mcm mana etc

and, e-mail & password blog sekali. tqvm :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha buleh jadi kijo tetap nih


Amirul Syafiq Mahadi said...

bole ejas ak punye plak.he

soleil m said...

beyehhh, insyaAllah :D

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