Sunday, 22 July 2012

Laporan Outing Anak-Beranak

A day before Ramadhan, Ma, Kakak & I will usually have our secret outing. Secret outing la sangat, walhal keluar beli barang-barang dapur di Tesco jahhhh T_T

Like mother, like daughter

It was Friday afternoon, so Tesco wasn't that crowded. Senang kijoan, bayar pun cepat. The next destination was Nagoya Textiles, Jalan Tok Hakim as Ma wanted to buy some kain langsir

We went from one section to another then tawaf balik, from the see through kind of langsir to the most ridiculous corak you can imagine. They kept rejecting my suggestions because according to them, my taste is orang-orang tua punya. Well well well, who's the youngest among us three, againnnn? And like seriously people, you haven't seen how beautiful my houses are at The Sims! *cries*

I'm definitely not the best shopping buddy a girl ever dreams of having one. I usually get bored easily & can loss my focus after like... 2 hours? But these two ladies have been knowing me more than 2 decades already, so they baited me with this

Langsir for my bedroom. Not for all windows though, ni langsir pintu toilet sahaja but stillll, new langsir
Toilet pun perlu langsir ke sebenarnya?

Tapi sebenarnya, saya suka yang ini. Bright & simple

Sekian sahaja laporan saya mengenai outing kami anak-beranak sehari sebelum puasa *yawns* Oh my Allah, I really need a new hobby!

And selamat berpuasa & berterawikh dear readers!
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