Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lima Tolak Empat

Finished our fourth paper yesterday's afternoon at Dewan Seri Budiman {DSB}

I don't know why but this hall always gives me this nostalgic feeling. Probably because of its age factor & the fact that thousands of UiTM graduates had their graduation ceremony here. And I even used to imagine receiving my scroll for Bach. of Legal Studies {Hons} at this hall. Now that we have new Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor {DATC} which was finished early last year, maka harapan untuk berkonvo di sini terkubur begitu sahaja

Btw, since we'll be having our last paper at DATC & that was probably the last time I got to be inside DSB, maka I snapped a few pictures

With some of the classmates. Do check out our tak-cukup-tidur eyes, yo!

I've been fasting 4 days in a row but why oh why I look chubbier? Oh I know, it must be the black jubah & the lack of sleep *in denial*


Bahasa Melayu For Law II

Advanced Civil Procedure II

Law of Evidence II

Advanced Criminal Procedure II

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