Saturday, 7 July 2012

Of Weird Random Dreams

Have had some sorts of weird random dreams lately. Probably due to the fact that I often went to bed with active mind. You know, when you are mentally & physically tired but your brain is still in its I-want-to-study-moreeee mode

Btw, I'm fasting today. Is there anyone reading this also in qadha puasa mission with me? Hehe! Woke up at 5 a.m for sahur but eating nasi goreng wrapped in telur bungkus {couldn't recall its name. Pardon my stomach, it's its fault} is actually not a good idea. After 3-4 suaps, I surrender & went back to bed. Tidur always prevails, no doubt

How many hours left for buka eh? Thinking of having daging goreng with Vanilla bubbles tea for buka. Batuk dah almost baik, so can start drinking iced drinks balik la I guess? :D

Alright, my notes are crying for my attention. Have a happy Saturday, loves! Assalamualaikum

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