Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Of Tommy, Si Hero Kampung

If you read my blog religiously {I'm not sure whether I do have any avid blog reader except my Sister. Lol!}, you probably recognize this furry guy

Hello ladies! My name is Tommy! Nom nom nom!

Spent about 10 minutes on the phone with my Ma last night, gossiping about Tommy. Apparently, this guy has become a hero kampung, leaving us, his no 1 fans home while him venturing outside world like Tanggang versi berbulu. He will only be home when he's hungry & there was one time he even brought home a girlfriend. Kantoi dengan Abah masa Tommy & his girlfriend sedang makan-makan di dapur

Entah kucin jiran mana la dia mengorat tu -.-' Tapi come to think about it, Tommy scored some points there, you see? Gentleman betul anak Mama bawa balik calon menantu walaupun dia sendiri pun sekarang jarang-jarang balik rumah

 Dah besar dah anak Mama yang suka tidur siang ni :')

You better be good when I'm home Tommy because Mama will set my eyes on you like a garang mama tiger watching her cub. Curfew will begin at 3 p.m till 6:30 a.m. Any further application to vary or set aside the order shall be made privately in the Chambers and be heard before the Committee. Thank you

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