Thursday, 5 July 2012

3 Down, 2 More To Go

I believe handwriting is an art. Mine is no exception

Finished my third paper this evening & 'It was so frustrating' is all that I can say!!! *cries a bucket*

I got A- for Advanced Civil Procedure I paper last semester, Alhamdulilah tetapi untuk semester ini, getting B or B+ pun will be good enough for me. I screwed 2 questions & as usual, we {I speak on my behalf of my other batch mates too berdasarkan komeng-komeng di Fb & Twitter} blame the time constraint. 3 hours passed so fast that my right hand hurt so bad after the paper. And still it is

But yes, life must go on. I pray for leniency from our lecturer, Mr R. Amin... For now, Law of Evidence II, bring it on. Bismillah


Bahasa Melayu For Law II

Advanced Civil Procedure II

Law of Evidence II

Advanced Criminal Procedure II
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