Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pengalaman Berpuasa Di Perantauan

At Shah Alam, I mean *coughs*. Maklumlah, tak ada rejeki nak belajar obersi

Looking back at some of these pictures has made me realize that how simple it was to make me happy during iftar masa zaman belajar dahulu kala. It didn't need to be at any 5 star hotel or a table full with lauk-pauk beraneka or 2,3 jugs of air *coughs*, as long as I was accompanied by some of my favourite friends/people, then a happy iftar it would be! Alhamdulillah :D

Of course, there were times when I wasn't in the mood & only spent about RM5 at the bazaar ramadhan {air kelapa muda is a must btw}, but what counts most is the companions during the iftar themselves. Makan ala kadar je pun most of the times but seronok berbuka tu yang penting kan?

19.9.2008 - Bazar ramadhan at Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam

19.9.2008 - Iftar with the girlfriends during the first year at uni in 2008
Everybody looked innocent. Hehe!

17.9.2008 - Iftar with the primary school friends slash uni mates, Wani & Anis at Plaza Masalam
Can you see Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah at the back? Too dark, I know -.-'

4.9.2009 - Iftar with the tadika mate slash primary school mate slash uni mate, Anis
One of the longest friendships that I've had :') And her mother is my mother's best friend too!

16.8.2010 - Iftar with Gang Kelate yakni Khazan & Husaini at Restauran Abe, Section 7
Masa ni Khazan baru start pakai tudung. Cantik kan? :)

23.8.2010 - Iftar with Iqbal at KL Sentral, accompanied by my roommate, Kina. Meeting him for the first time after 7 years, so jejak kasih! :D And it was also the day he received his second salary from. Hehe!

3.9.2010 - Iftar at Kopitiam Station, Plaza Alam Sentral with Mira, Izzool & Syairah. We took a set for 4 people tapi makan tak puas. Ke sebab perut yang luas? -.-'

Banyak lagi pictures tapi macam didn't serve the purpose pula. Tapi motif utama nak bagitau yang I miss spending ramadhan & having iftar with my friends. Those carefree days when things bugged us the most ialah tests, assignments & final exam sahaja. How fast time flied, ayte? :(

Tiba-tiba teringat SuFo tak habis buat lagi. Adeiii...

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