Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Before + After Project #5 (Edited Version)

Remember my previous post on my friend, Na's blog?

I did some changes to Na's blog header & background because the previous one, according to my brain & my hormonal thoughts, looked so empty & tak siap. Took the blame & lack of creativity all to myself. Limited editing tools/software, what else? Need to instal more fonts lah after this -.-'

Edited the font, adjusted the image & darkened the background a bit, from this;

... to this;

... and then this;

Kemudian this, as requested by Na

So, I shall wrap up my Before + After Project #5, I guess? But Na, if you want me to add or remove or touch up anything, just let me know. I'm always open for any suggestion & criticism, InsyaAllah :)

I would like to remind it that this is just a charity work {sounds so wrong, eh?} I'm doing for my blogger friends for the sake of sharing my interest, thus it's free of charge. InsyaAllah, mek akan cuba buat the best. Tapi like I said several time before, cannot lawan la those yang pro sebab mek taraf beginner jah. Hehe!

Do send me an e-mail at if you're interested to become a part of this humble project, preferably with descriptions, themes, colours & lagi molek kalau ada inspirasi dari any blog. Lagi senang kerja mek :) You may also click here for the Before + After Projects that I've had my hands on previously

Pass ke tak nak jadi advertiser ni, agak-agak? Do I sound convincing enough? :P

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