Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Korean Drama Junkie I Am!

I shall consider myself a Korean drama junkie *blush*

Oh come on, how many of us could & would say no to mushy lovey dovey dramas with cute/handsome/pretty/jambu & flawless actors/actresses who can make you feel so inferior yet smile & grin like a sick person? I love happy endings & I know, most of Korean dramas won't disappoint me! :D

Currently watching Personal Preference, for the second time. Stuck with it that I even skipped my dinner & rather be in my room accompanied with 6 balangs of biskut raya

Need to wake up early tomorrow morning to attend the cousins' open house in Machang. Tapi tu lah, demi Abe Lee, I'm delaying my tidur like a champ! Esok siap la on the way tu mesti lentok zzzZzZ

Now, my stomach is so angry & hungry because the last time it had nasi was at 9 a.m. Should have eaten more at the open house. 2 slices of makaroni bakar tak cukuplah nampaknya :(

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