Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The First Day Of Raya 1433H

Selamat Hari Raya day 4, people! How's the celebration? And have any of you stepped onto the weighing scale & freaked yourself out then? Hehe!

I've been keeping myself busy with entertaining the guests, attending open houses & watching a Korean drama that I intentionally delayed my post on the first day of Raya. Bunyi macam retis sangat kan mek ini? Walhal blog pun suam-suam kuku jah

Anyway, we had our usual open house on the first day of Raya. The preparation started on the morning of the day before Raya & it only ended at 3 a.m of the Raya morning. See the determination there? Pagi-pagi raya dah lemau because I only had about 3 hours & a half sleep. I pray may Allah forgive me for being sleepy during the Raya khutbah -.-'

Anyway, for my own record untuk tatapan anak cucu pada masa hadapan, here are some of the pictures on the first day of Ray. Can usya more here. Merci!

 With the cousins whom I spent my childhood with
I grew up with these boys, thus explains the lack of ayuness in me. Lol!

 Abah & Kakak

The Mother & Nisa, the cucu saudara

The Brother-in-law & Kakak

The sisters

Ustazah Siti's family

The neighbours' happy cucus 

 With the Tunjung clan
Angah is missing sebab beliau pulang rumah mertua while Nasa is at Mekah for umrah

Beraya at Ayah Long's house

Ini sepupu saya, Afif

Sweet little Suhaila Damia was trying to pujuk Nabil. She even gave him some pats on the back :')

 With the anak-anak sepupu
After a few years of coincidentally colour coordinated di pagi hari raya, tahun ni tak sedondon pula

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