Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Of Chambering Application

During my 3 years of Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) a few years ago, I received a lot of questions whether I would continue reading LL.B (Hons) or straight away go for job hunting once I'm done with the first law degree. Now that I'm done with LL.B (Hons), I've been popped out with almost similar questions; chambering or working or reading Master's Degree/LL.M. Soalan cepucemas when I'm going to get married tidak ketinggalan


Relax guys. Can I just be a penganggur forever & looking after my cats? Law degrees kita gantung kat dinding sebagai perhiasan? Bolehhh?

Truth be told, I haven't started anything on my chambering application, unlike some of my friends who are already engaged to certain big legal firms in KL & Selangor. Sebabnya, niat di hati nak berchambering di Kota Bharu sahaja & from the info I received from the seniors, kalau nak buat di sini, after result keluar lah apply. I'm planning to do conveyancing, walaupun masa LL.B dulu inilah mata pelajaran yang kurang digemari. See, how life can twist you?

Result dah keluar, tapi mengapa mek masih relax? T_T

Gelabah. I should have started doing my homework now & doing some surveys. You know things like the location, area of practice, medium or big firm etc. Some relatives suggested that I should just do it at my cousins' firms in the town but there're some pros & cons to it. So, I'll skip that. Hehe! 

I know 9 months of chambering is a very crucial period before a person is called to the Bar. And of course, I want my petition to be read & heard before the Judge too someday. Amin..

Now, time to finding a firm! And also bombard the seniors & friends with a lot of chambering related questions. Hehe!
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