Friday, 3 August 2012

The End Of Law School

After a long tiring process of literally gluing my eyes on the laptop screen, hitting the e-mail refresh button zillion times, nerve-wracking moments & being redha with whatever result it will be this morning, now it's very safe to say that;

I finally finished the law school & completed the LL.B (Hons)! Allahuakbar!

Excited sangat mek ni sampaikan statuses silap spell jadi statutes
If you're or were a law student, you may get this :P

Now, would you please allow me to go all sappy & present my award speech slash my way to express my gratitude? Thank you. Hehe!

A long way to go, still but let me enjoy this feeling. MasyaAllah, when I first set my eyes on the result, I was so close to tears because truth be told, the result was way better than I had expected. Alhamdulillah, Allah is the Greatest. Of course, everything won't be possible without Allah's help, the Parents & family's doa & restu days & nights, the learned lecturers' guidance & belief in each & every one of us, friends' help including the hardworking firmmates, cheerful classmates, lovely roommates & anyone along the way

Thank you very much to each & everyone of you who have made this journey a very meaningful & memorable one

Going back down the memory lane, my erudite journey wasn't a smooth one. I've made several mistakes in the past, like going to Matrikulasi Sains when I know I hated & was bad at Chemistry & Add Math & wasted a year there {nightmares!} & failed the Mara interview after SPM which had left me with no other option but to continue studying at Kolej Matrikulasi Penang {life was so hard at that time but it's the best matriculation college nonetheless, hats off}, thus only Allah knows how scared I was of the word FAILURE & how desperate I'm to prove to everyone that I could shine again, especially to the dear Parents

Of course, self satisfaction is another factor that put me in that gusto, other than other personal reasons :)

Walaupun mampu grad dengan Second Class Upper je pung {First Class tak mampu la dik. Tsk!} but still, I survived the Law School! Alhamdulillah & woohoO!

During my Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) convocation in October 2011
Need to remind myself not to wear red & also shawl during my LL.B (Hons) convocation this November

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