Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Are Calling

It tears my heart apart every time I see the picture of the guy in orange shirt crying & begging haplessly for mercy for his other family members. Imagine if he were our father/brother/relative. So sad isn't it? :(

The least that we could do is to pray for our muslims brothers & sisters there. Although Myanmar isn't that far from Malaysia, yet they seem to be living in an isolated world, far away from people's reach. For every hardship & suffering they have to bear, I pray may Allah grant them the highest level of jannah. Amin...

Btw, you may also help them by signing this petition, '(OHCHR), Palais Wilson: To help the Muslims in Burma that are being part of an ethnic genocide'. 15 000 signatures have been collected so far. Please spend some time & click on the link. Do your part now, will you? :')

Because suffering, injustice and discrimination is what we share, this is a post to our muslim brothers and sisters in Burma, who are being massacred like Syrians daily with no media attention.

According to the website of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO), Rohingya Muslims require government permission to marry, are forbidden from having more than two children per family and are subjected to modern-day slavery through forced labour. Because the national government denies them the right to citizenship in their homeland, many Rohingyas have their land confiscated and they are restricted from travel. 

The Human Rights Watch considers the denial of the right of citizenship the most important problem the Muslims of Rohingya face. The government of Myanmar considers the Rohingyas to be “resident foreigners.” This lack of full citizenship rights means that the Rohingya are subject to other abuses, including restrictions on their freedom of movement, discriminatory limitations on access to education and arbitrary confiscation of property.

{credits to hellosyria}
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