Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Of Cheap Dadih & Chicken Wing Percik

Went to bazar ramadhan at Pasir Tumboh yesterday evening with the Mother. As usual, it was so full with people despite the panas cheng-cheng weather. I love going to bazar ramadhan but the scorching sun always gives me some kinds of sleeping vibe & I get tired so easily

Talk about a weak body I have here. Tsk! 

Anyway, the highlight of yesterday's purchase is not the usual kerutuk ayam nor sambal mangga nor ikan bakar etc but theseeeee!

I think I know where this Kawalan Pusat Pengumpulan Susu is. Situated not far away from my former secondary school in Pasir Puteh & tempatnya lawa. Ada padang ragut yang saujana mata memandang. Terus rasa nak bergolek-golek dengan lembu-lembu hitam putih

Btw, this is the most sedap dadih that I ever tasted! Hands down! It's been in market for more than 20 years already but the taste remains sedap. So gebu & milkly, unlike some of the dadih. And it's only RM 1.20 per cup! Homaiii, so cheap! Dari 3 cups, terus amik 5 for everyone at home. Tamak, can't help myself. Muahehehe!

I'm not sure what dadih is in English. So, I asked Google Translate & the answer is 'buttermilk'

And there's one stall yang jual chicken wing percik for RM1 per piece which is not only murah but sedap. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki orang-orang yang berniaga dengan ikhlas & memasak makanan yang awesome ini. They make my tummy happy, Alhamdulillah :)

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