Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mek Comel Yang Comot

I noticed that the last time Comel was featured in this blog was a few weeks ago

And time did fly by so fast. From a takut-takut kitten of the size of our palm, Comel is now very active. She can fight like a champ in a manja-manja way with her brothers, Abang Kiki & Abang Boboy. Now dah pandai refuse kalau orang nak dukung, unless when she's very sleepy. Dah pandai keluar main sorang-sorang luar rumah sampai comot-comot satu badan & dah pandai demand tak nak duduk dalam cage apabila malam menjelma

She's well potty-trained too! Syabas betteh! If you think potty-training a kitten is easy, maybe you should have one at home. Talk about someone's bed sheet which needed to be replaced after some malang tak berbau incident. Tsk!

Anyhow, Comel's the apple of our eyes now Even Abah claimed 'Comel Abah ni...'. Cute! Hehe! Tapi of course nobody can challenge her bibik, yakni tak lain tak bukan..... *drum rolls*..... mek, myself & I! 

Notice the comot-ness? Comel's comotness, I mean. Not me *coughs*

She slept with me last 2 nights. Pukul 3 pagi, bangun mengeow. Lepas tu datang gigit-gigit tangan ajak bergurau-senda. Panjat here & there. Kesudahannya, mek bangun sahur dengan mata separa pejam akibat mengantuk. This bibik had to work extra hours, that's why
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