Friday, 17 August 2012

Iftar At Cheng Mai Restaurant With Ze Friends

Had iftar with my friends yesterday evening at Cheng Mai Restaurant, Kota Bharu. Finally, after weeks of planning. Hehe! Baei promised to come & pick me at 6 p.m but she only appeared in front of my house 45 minutes later. Pftttt!

If it wasn't because I've been knowing her since we were 13, I would definitely pinch her cheeks so hard & ikat di pokok bagi Comel main-main dengan kaki dia

At one of the traffic lights. Always had time to camwhore. Lol!

Masa on the way, Baei sempat buat lawak. "Pakai safety belt, Sue. Aku nak drift ni". Drift la sangat kan kalau on the way tu sempat berceramah macam-macam perkara, termasuklah ciri-ciri calon suami yang diredaiNya. Baei ni, after kerja dia makin pandai & nakal tau? I'm so worried -.-'

I couldn't remember the last time I laughed that hard & loud till my cheeks cramped! And suddenly, it felt like secondary school all over again. Another reason to reunite more often with the secondary school girlfriends because even after years of leaving school, some people haven't changed much :)

Anyway, we arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before iftar. The other participants were Che Ra, her husband Wan & their handsome boy, Rifqi. Turut sama memeriahkan majlis was my old friend, Juwe who just came back from Germany for good

The last time I met Che Ra was last year when she was heavily pregnant. Now, Rifqi dah 1 year & 1 month already. How fast time flied. Rifqi pun dah pandai jalan :')

I was so smart, I left the memory card in the laptop at home *slaps forehead* So, there weren't many pictures taken. Gambar Wan & Juwe langsung tiada & most importantly, tiada gambar saya, Che Ra & Baei bertiga-tiga. Tsk!

All in all, it was great to catch up with old friends, the ones who need no introduction, no 'Hello! My name is blablabla' & most importantly, where all the table manners can be kept away under the table. Hehe! The food was great, Alhamdulillah. Licin semua

Now, looking forward for Raya gatherings with the girlfriends!

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