Friday, 17 August 2012

Nobody Is Too Old For Bunga Api

Raya is just a few shy days away

Oh wait, 2 days more! My cousins who are living in KL, Selangor, Melaka & Penang pun sudah pulang ke kampung halaman. I've no kampung as both of my parents are from K.Bharu. Yayyy or booo for me?

Honestly, I haven't felt the Raya kick-in yet. I don't know. Probably because unlike the previous years where I had to spend Ramadhan in uni & only got to fast at home only a few days before Raya, I tend to take things for granted now. Uh oh! Not good. Kufur nikmat namanya ni :(

I want to play bunga api but being the youngest in this household, I know nobody will entertain me. Even my semangat sokmo Sister doesn't support me. Sobs!

Saya: Tadi maso kat bazar ramadhan, ado ore jual bungo api. Sue ingat nok beli tapi malu
Kakak: Hey, you're old enough for bungo api!
Saya: Nobody is too old for bungo api!

Bagai menegakkan benang yang basah, that argument. Pointless. But hey, nobody is too old for bunga api, ayte ayte ayteee? Sapo-sapo hok duduk sekitar Wakaf Che Yeh atau Kubang Kerian atau sekitar K.Bharu & tak dok gang nok main bungo api, bolehlah ajok sayo

Anyway selamat berpuasa, loves! Today is the last friday of Ramadhan 1433H. May this be another blessed day to all of us. Amin.. Take care & berhati-hati di jalan raya

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