Saturday, 18 August 2012

Of A Day Before Raya

A day before Raya, or famously known as Hari Membuat Ketupat among the Kelantanese people

No, not that kind of ketupat, as in gossipping. Hehe! I don't know who came out with the idea of naming it with that name but from my humble observation, the Kelantaneses are actually not that obsess with ketupat. Even not many houses serve rendang in the morning of Raya because nasi dagang rocks our life more

Pagi-pagi dah cakap pasal makanan. Dah la pagi tadi makan sahur sikit je. It's going to be a longgggg day as we're preparing for our open house tomorrow. Since the demise of arwah Ayah Long & Cik Moh a few years ago, Abah is the eldest of Pak Chu Lah clan. Hence, our house has become the Raya hub. Apalah erti family gathering without juadah raya, maka open house for the family on the first day of Raya & another open house for family friends, Kakak's office mates etc after a few days of Raya

My family is petite but we're so ambitious when it comes to Raya. Tak cukup kaki tangan & at the end of the day, lemau beyond words -.-'

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Raya last year, because I'm too lazy to get some pictures transferred from the digi cam & I don't think people will be reading blogs pada waktu-waktu hendak raya seperti ini. Ni kira warm-up untuk diri sendiri supaya lebih bersemangat menolong masak-masak di dapur

 We don't have lampu lip lap this year! Our house looks so sad & lonely T_T

The Kakak, yours truly & the Mother

The anak-anak sepupu

The Brother-in-law & the Kakak

The cousins living next door who will pay a visit 2,3 times in a day during Raya. Lol!
May Allah bless their soul for being our frequent visitors

I've been sneezing a lot since terawikh last night. Macam nak selsema. Uh oh! Raya bugs?


cnOor said...

ore bace blog nie.hehe!

slmt arie rayo kie.maaf if ad slh+slp spnjg knl.0-0 deh??


Fitri Ezwan said...

selamat hari raya aidilfitri, ms suria.

minal aidil wal faizin, kullu am wa antum bi khair..

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