Sunday, 12 August 2012

Of On & Off Appetite During Puasa

I remember in the early days of Ramadhan, my appetite is something I was proud of. Why? Because I could finish 2 pinggan of nasi like a champ during sahur! Thanks to the delicious & cry me a river pedasnya sambal belacan. I'm not choosy at the dining table; I can survive with ikan bakar, budu & sambal belacan. And also sup ayam or sup tulang with ayam goreng & sambal belacan. Kari or kuah masak lemak fail to get my attention

A very pure Kelantanese lass I'm, as you can tell. Abah even said 'Jimat kalau kahwin dengan Sue' which I took that as a compliment. Muahahaha! Ni yang kena cari suami yang sekufu dalam bab makan-makan ni

Nasi kerabu dah kira makanan 1 Malaysia kan? Ke guano?

Akok also, I assume

However, as days passed by, my appetite somehow has failed me due to some personal reasons/factors. These past few days, even a few suaps of nasi were enough to satisfy my tummy. There was a day when it only took me 5 minutes to finish my meal during iftar & then off I went to get ready for Maghrib & terawikh

I honestly think I've lost my weight. Ke mek syok sendiri only? :P

*goes to Ma's bedroom, steps on the weighing scale*

Omg, 40.5 kg! :O The last time was 43/44/45 kg! If raya ni ada orang komen cakap mek chubby, memang nak kena! Tapi, kalau dok kat rumah, memang nafsu makan merosot pun sebenarnya. Ke sebab banyak buat kerja rumah? *coughs* I know what you're going to say, Kakak *coughs* But I'm half bibik now, you can't say anything more *coughs*

Btw, terimalah gambar syok sendiri while waiting for Ma to bersiap for terawikh last night. Makan sikit, siap cepat. Memang berbaloi!

Vain tahap ke 80. Maafin

And any tips to ditch that eye bags? They decided to stick around even after I'm done with LL.B for good. Kena qadha tidur dengan lebih giat ke macam mana ni?
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