Sunday, 5 August 2012

Our Hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei

I'm such a chicken when it comes to watching sports live on tv, unlike my so-semangat-sokmo family. I hate the pressure & the aftermath of watching the team I'm rooting for lost in the game. It hurts meeeeeeeeeeeee! :((

So, yes. I didn't watch the badminton match between Datuk Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan because I was so scared. But thanks to Twitter & the Sister who was so semangat cheering for him outside my room, they kept me updated throughout the game. So pressure, I tell you!

Unfortunately despite the good first set, we lost to China. But don't worry abe Datuk! You're still our hero because you're the real fighter! Thank you very much for fighting with all your might. 2 silver medals for two times in a row, sungguh bergaya! Malaysian loves you!

So sad. Notice his red nose? :(

Auwww, don't be sorry darling. We know you've tried your best :')

And reading thousands of Malaysians' twits cheering & supporting him even after the loss is utterly priceless! #ThankYouLeeChongWei #DLCW
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