Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pagi Jumaat Yang Lalu

Friday has always been my favourite day of the week since I was a kid, especially if I get to experience here in my tanah tumpah darah tercinta, Kelate Darul Naim. Apart from the sayyidul ayyam itself, Friday always gives me the feeling of serenity words can't describe

Don't you love waking up in the morning to a blessed Friday? I know I do :D

There are a lot kuliyyah agama conducted in many surau/masjid around the state, but I bet, this is the most famous one among many which is tak lain tak bukan is the weekly Kuliyyah Jumaat by the Menteri Besar Kelantan himself at Dataran Ilmu MPKB, Kota Bharu, near Kompleks Mahkamah Kota Bharu

The Kuliyyah will usually start at 9:30 am but it's advisable to get yourself there {as well as your car} as early as possible, unless you're with the idea of having to park your car jauh sedikit. Plus, the crowd is hugeeee I tell you, Alhamdulillah. People from all walks of life come to menuntut ilmu & nothing more majestic than the view of having many Muslims gathered at one place

Jubahku, tempat tidurmu -.-'
Comel found a perfect spot to sleep & act cute but sorry Honey, I need to wear that

Had only 3 hours of sleep, hence pening-pening lalat & eye bags

Can you spot the Menteri Besar, sitting on the stage?

The closest I could get :)

On our way back to the car after the kuliyyah, amidst hiruk-pikuk orang ramai membeli-belah di gerai-gerai, I spotted a pakcik with his daughter. But he's not just an ordirany pakcik because ...

He's a blind Pakcik who is reading a Braille Al-Quran while selling some ubat

MasyaAllah, hebatnya anda wahai, Pakcik & bacaannya lancar sekali. Tiba-tiba malu dengan diri sendiri. Menitik air mata mek masa tu & sedang taip entri ni pun, masih rasa sedih :'( Only Allah knows what he has to go through yet he doesn't beg. Tapi hati mana yang tidak tersentuh & tidak terpanggil untuk sedekahkan sedikit wang kepada mereka? :(

I pray may Allah ease his affairs & burden, as well as make everything easy for him & his family. May Allah give him the highest jannah in the hereafter, Amin...

My Friday didn't stop there though. We attended ceramah agama by Ustaz Azhar Idris in the evening & an iftar hosted by the Parents' friends. Now you know, why I love Friday ayte?
Selamat berpuasa hari yang ke-15, kawan-kawan. Semoga amalan kita diterima Allah, InsyaAllah

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