Friday, 31 August 2012

Sepetang Bersama Kanik & Adik Beradik Serta Boboy

Spent some times with Kanik & the siblings {the Bro-in-law's cousins} at Hayaki Kopitiam right after the interview at Firm no. 2 yesteday evening. The firm is just opposite their hostels, another point scored!

No, they're not staying at the hostels but they own them

Kanik, Kakak & mek

Jijie, Amalin & Kanik
Kanik has 9 siblings btw & she's the second eldest. Seronokkan ramai siblings!

I ordered nasi dagang gulai ikan because I hadn't had any nasi yet since the morning & they laughed at me. Like seriously, what's wrong with eating nasi dagang at Hayaki Kopitiam? My tummy won't be satisfied with chicken chop only because it's Kelantanese like that -.-'

Like Mamito

Or like Papito?

Now, please meet their 7 month-old cat, Mr Boboy! Check it out his polka dot tie! So handsome bergaya tiada tandingan! Nyumss!

He followed Jijie to his friend's house & they were home at 4 a.m.

Hence, grumpy face sebab kacau tidur dia. So cutelah si muka kemek ini! Kalau jatuh tersembam, mesti tak sakit sebab hidung penyek sangat. Hehe!

Kita sedondon la, Boboy! Polkadots! High paws!

Boboy, still grumpy & sleepy. Look at his stareeeee!

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