Thursday, 30 August 2012

And The Firm Hunting Begins

An envelope that contained my mini transcript & Surat Pengesahan Tamat Belajar sent
by my friend, Nicky. Tqvm love! I owe you!

When my friends congratulated me for finishing my LL.B recently, it usually came with this line, "Wah, dah jadi lawyer la eh?"

I wish it's that easy! Hahahaha!

But the truth is, we've to go through that 9 months of chambering or pupilage first, having our petition be heard before the Judge during long call in order to be called to the Bar. Then, barulah officially jadi a qualified advocate & solicitor. So, chambering is a form of internship where a law graduate, having passed the requisite professional examinations is required to undertake. Yes, it's still a long way to go *cries*

Btw, my firm hunting officially started yesterday evening. Quite late as compared to my other comrades who had been applying & attending interviews even long before the final exam & managed to secure one or two conditional offers at big & famous firms like Shearne Delamaore & Co, Zul Rafique & Partners, Christopher Lee & Co, Salehuddin Saidin & Associates etc

For some reasons, I decided to do mine at K.Bharu. Why K.Bharu, you ask? Well, why not? ;) At Kelantan alone pun ada more than 200 legal firms. I believe the learning opportunity is everywhere, as long as you're willing to learn as much as possible within 9 months. InsyaAllah

So, yesterday evening I called 6 firms, sent my resume via e-mail to 3 of them, received 2 responses immediately & have 2 interviews today at 10.30 a.m & 3 p.m. The interviews went well, Alhamdulillah

I think I fell in love with Firm no. 2. Beside receiving some good reviews about the firm from my junior & senior, the lawyer who interviewed me is such a nice lady & funny too. We had 1 hour of good chat sampai lenguh pipi mek dok senyum & sengih. Hehe!

I've 2 days to think about her offer & if I say yes, Isnin ini dah boleh start. So far, the family is rooting for Firm no. 2 & I think, I'm liking it too :)
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