Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Lunch Date

A lunch date with Khazan this afternoon at Hayaki Kopitiam near the office

InsyaAllah, I'll be in KL & Shah Alam from Wednesday till Saturday this week. Wish that it's a hoohaa trip where I can meet up my friends, have fun with them just like the good old days & satisfy our tummy like a boss! But nope. I'm going there with 3 important missions;

1.Filing my petition for chambering
Ye, saya baru nak filekan. Huhu! A bit terlambat compared to my other friends but what to do, Kelantan & KL/Selangor bukanlah sekangkang kera jauhnya. Hopefully, within 1 day & a half, mek & friends sempat la  habiskan urusan petition ni, InsyaAllah

2. Visiting a cousin at Damansara Specialist Hospital
Ayah Man has been warded there for more than 3 weeks already. I pray for his speed recovery. Amin... Tapi macam tak sempat je plusssss, mek pergi KL separate dengan family & Damansara isn't my playground. Huhu!

3. Wae & Rayyan's wedding 
Wae is my cousin & Rayyan was my secondary school junior & both of them are studying at Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Guess guess how did they get to know each other? Well, thanks to me! Hehe! ;) I'm so happy for both of them anyway! Welcome to Pak Cu Lah clan, Yan! I'm looking forward to meeting you soon! If tak sempat, maybe boleh jumpa di Kota Bharu soon as Wae's house is just about 15 seconds aways from mine :P

I haven't packed any garment yet. So penat. Notice my bengkak & lesu eyes up there?

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