Monday, 24 September 2012

The Disease of Love

Elle court, elle court,
La maladie d'amour,
Dans le cœur des enfants
De sept à soixante dix-sept ans.

Elle chante, elle chante,
La rivière insolente
Qui unit dans son lit
Les cheveux blonds, les cheveux gris.

Listening to this song nearly brought tears to my eyes. Sobs sobs!

This is one of the songs our French teacher, Monsieur Rahim used to teach us at school. We were just 13 & things were so innocent & indah back then. Ingat lagi, during the first week of French class, I cried in my bed at night because I didn't understand a thing!

Silly me, belajar French pun nak stress bagai. Drama betul :P

My dorm mates, Kak Ika & Kak Mira then came to my bed, pujuk me & promised me to teach me French. Nonetheless, I survived 4 years of learning French with 2 diplomas, DELF A1 & A2. So, when I took French as the third language at UiTM for 3 semesters, everything was like kacang putih. Hehe!

 I'm missing my 1 Fatimah classmates & Monsieur Rahim. Apa khabarkah semua orang? 

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