Friday, 14 September 2012

Hallo Mr W!

Left the firm this evening with this sight. Sorry but weekend needs me

I'm glad that it's already Friday because here in Pantai Timur, Friday means weekend! Alhamdulillah & yayyy! So, hallo Mr W. We meet again ;)

It's been quite a hectic week for me  that I often skipped dinner & rather be on my bed. 2 days ago lagi la, I slept from 6 something p.m till 1 something a.m with the baju kurung that I wore to the office earlier & a pair of socks lying next to me. Sungguh tidak senonoh di situ. Tsk!

It's true when people said work can zonk you out & I'm not an exception. It's almost 1 a.m, time to sleep!

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