Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hari Ini

  • Had only 2 hours of sleep this morning
  • Woke up to a pair of red & sleepy eyes
  • Left the hp at the back seat of Abah's car
  • I need a new hp
  • Haven't finished the submission, 2 submissions to be exact
  • Had the least favourite topic with the Mother this evening yakni marriage. Sigh!
  • Abah is so kind to let me have his study table, now I've a proper study table. Yayy!
  • Will be going to KL next week for some matters
  • I'm now more convinced than ever that I'm not pretty. Lol! But thank you Allah for everything I've :)
  • After some months in hiatus, I'm now back in business! Look look at my city! A bit crowded, I know! Nanti-nantila kita remodel balik :D

I really need to sleep
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